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Once the project is approved, the responsibility for its management lays on the Lead Partner. Increasingly however, Lead Partners choose to subcontract this task to professional consulting companies, especially knowing that the costs of such service can be shared among all project partners.

Our company offers high-quality management and coordination of international EU projects. This is an all-inclusive service, which not only makes Lead Partners’ lives easier, but also improves the overall performance of the project. Sound content coordination will make sure that not only the individual but also the common goals of the project are fulfilled. Sound financial management will help project partners make the most of the funds they applied for and in the easiest possible way. We offer: 
  • Counselling in all formal and financial questions associated with the project
  • Formulation of partnership agreements and other legal documents
  • Preparation of project work plan
  • Managing of project’s shared costs
  • Organisation and moderation of conferences and working group meetings
  • Monitoring of partners’ financial activity (internal audit)
  • Coordination of periodical progress reporting
  • Preparation of joint reports, including the mid-term and final reports
  • Contact with the Programme authorities
  • Management of project account, transfer and monitoring of EU funds
  • Collection and safe storage of the complete project documentation